Laser Focus

Laser Focus Will Help You Become Successful

Imagine there is a forest. In that forest there is a fish, owl, eagle, duck, rabbit and squirrel. They all decide they want to go to college and become smart. With the help of some older animals in the forest they come up with a school curriculum they believe will make them a well rounded animal.

The schooling includes: running, jumping, flying, tree climbing and swimming. On the first day of school the rabbit went to his “running” class. He really stood out in class. He said, “At school, I get to do...

Basketball To Success Strategy #9 Avoid The Future You Don’t Want.

Basketball To Success Strategy #9 Avoid The Future You Don’t Want.

People are motivated either by moving toward pleasure or by moving away from pain.  If we were bunny rabbits, it would be the equivalent of us moving toward carrots or away from a predator.  This next technique will work best for people who run away from the predators, so to speak, because it amplifies the pain of not going after your dreams to the point where it will seem easier to just do it.

To do this exercise, visualize the timeline from Strategy #8.  Close your eyes and...

Basketball To Success Strategy #7 Future Success Now

Basketball To Success Strategy #7 Future Success Now

If you were to taste your future success and feel what it would be like to achieve your goals now, wouldn’t you feel tremendously more motivated to go for it right now?  This “future success now” technique does exactly that.  It brings all the future feelings of success into your heart, mind, and should right now.  You will experience such an overwhelming sense of success that you will surrender to your passion and go for it.  Any fears you might have had may still be present, but with the desire for success...

Basketball To Success Strategy #6 Mirror Affirmations

Basketball To Success Strategy #6 Mirror Affirmations

Typically when people do affirmations, they repeat them over and over.  Doing so is somewhat effective, but it can be made much more effective with some simple modifications.  This technique will supercharge the efficacy of the affirmations.  Instead of using statements beginning with “I,” you will use statement beginning with “you.”  These statements are more powerful because they allow your conscious mind to tell you-your unconscious mind - specifically what you want, and how to behave.

Get in front of a mirror, stand with confident physiology and project your intention for these...

Basketball To Success Strategy #5 Circle of Confidence.

Basketball To Success Strategy #5 Circle of Confidence.

Instead of anchoring something to a location on your body or to an internal stimulus, the technique anchors confidence to a spot on the ground.  In doing so, you will physically step into unstoppable confidence whenever you need it.  In the past you have been confident.  Guess what in the future you will be confident again.  The key is to be able to summon that feeling at will.  This technique allows you to invoke a state of confidence whenever you want.

To form your circle of confidence, imagine a circular location...